The mission of the Department of Computer Engineering is to build and sustain a high quality and broad-based teaching and research program for the graduates so that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills and improve their performance for successful professional careers and to provide service to the community.

 Educational Objectives of Computer Engineering B.Sc Program

  1. Have a successful engineering-based career.

  2. Meet the requirements of industry

  3. Actively contribute to engineering based teams

  4. Lead the professional/educational teams

  5. Pursue enduring learning

B.Sc Computer Engineering Student’s Outcomes

  An aptitude to ascertain, explain and solve engineering problems

      2.     A skill to apply knowledge of calculation, science and engineering.

      3.     An ability to design and conduct experiments related to science and engineering.

      4.     An ability to design, develop and integrate the components and the system.

      5.     An ability to participate/lead engineering based teams.

      6.     An understanding of professional and moral obligations.

      7.     Well-developed communication and technical skills.

      8.   The comprehensive training of using engineering solutions for global, environmental,economic and social  perspectives. 

      9.     The understanding of up-to-date issues and concerns relating Computer Engineering.

     10.    An aptitude to comply with the modern techniques, engineering skills and tools required for engineering training.