Department Publications

S.No Title Type Year Name Group-Name
1 Two Hop Adaptive Routing Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Conference 2017 Engr. Amir Khalil
2 Deployment of D-2-D Communication, Challenge and Related Work Conference 2016 Engr. Amir Khalil
3 An Intelligent Load Management System with Renewable Energy Integration for Smart Homes Journal 2017 Engr. Ihsan Ullah
4 Factors Influencing the Cloud Computing Adoption in Higher Educaion Institutions of Punjab, Pakistan Conference 2017 Engr. Dr. Shahzadi Tayyaba
5 PDMS Membrane Analysis For Piezoelectric Micropump Actuation Journal 2014 Engr. Dr. Shahzadi Tayyaba
6 Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Based Microfluidic Devices for Biomedical Applications Journal 2011 Engr. Dr. Shahzadi Tayyaba
7 Blood Filtration System for Patients with Kidney Diseases Journal 2012 Engr. Dr. Shahzadi Tayyaba
8 An optimal Home Energy Management System based on Time of Use pricing scheme in Smart Grid Journal 2017 Engr. Ihsan Ullah
9 Optimized Audio Classification and Segmentation Algorithm by Using Ensemble Methods Journal 2015 Engr. Sadia Zahid
10 An incentive-based optimal energy consumption scheduling algorithm for Residential users Conference 2015 Engr. Ihsan Ullah
11 A Survey of Home Energy Management for Residential Customers Conference 2015 Engr. Ihsan Ullah
12 Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Microneedles and Blood Filter for Hemofiltration System Journal 2013 Engr. Dr. Shahzadi Tayyaba
13 Application of Aloe vera Gel as an Organic Dielectric Material in Microelectronics Instead of Silicon Dioxide Journal 2015 Engr. Dr. Shahzadi Tayyaba
14 Effect of Buckling Restrained Braces Locations on Seismic Responses of High-Rise RC core Wall Buildings Journal 2015 Engr. Dr. Shahzadi Tayyaba
15 Fuzzy Logic Based Energy Harvesting with the movment of Plants brances and Leaves”, Pak J Agri Sci Journal 2016 Engr. Dr. Shahzadi Tayyaba